For questions regarding the Basketball Season please email Coach Gentile at

MCOC 2016-2017 Basketball Skills Days and Locations
Age as of January 1st 2017

(4-5 year olds will be assigned to a team, no skills)

1st practice November 12th

11/3 – Thursday – 6:30-7:30 James Martin Middle
(6-7 year olds)

10/26 – Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30 James Martin Middle
11/1- Tuesday – 6:30 to 7:30 James Martin Middle
(8-9 year old boys)

10/27 – Thursday 6:30 – 7:30 James Martin Middle
11/2 – Wednesday – 6:30 to 7:30 James Martin Middle
(10-11 year old boys)

10/29 – Saturday- 9:30 – 10:30 James Martin Middle School
(12-13 and 8th graders who are 14 years old)

High School
11/3– Thursday- Ridge Road Middle School
7:00 – 8:55 (14-18 year old – 9th to 12th grade)

11/2 – Wednesday – 7:00 – 8:55 – Ridge Road

(8, 9 10 year old girls)  7:00 – 8:00

(11, 12, 13 year old girls) 8:00 – 8:55

* Age groups that have multiple nights please only have your child attend one session.
For more information, please email Mike Gentile, MCOC Basketball Commissioner
* Dates and location subject to change.

Boys and Girls Basketball Online Registration Has Started 

We have opened up online basketball registration.  We have a limited number of spaces for each age group.  To avoid having your child on a possible waiting list please register ASAP.  In person registration dates will be announced shortly for the end of September and beginning on October. 

Adult Volunteers wanted for Coaches and Referees. 

We are looking for adults to volunteer as a coach and/or referee.  If you are interested please fill out the information on the website.  Adults that referee 10 basketball games will receive a free membership. 

Referee positions for Teenagers and College age students. 

We also have paid referee positions for Teenagers (14 or over) and College age students.

Request to play with a friend

You can make a special request on your registration form for your child to play with a friend, but it may not be possible to accommodate. We go to great lengths to make the teams as even as possible talent-wise so special requests are not guaranteed. The only way you can guarantee that child will be on a team with a friend is if two parents agree to coach together.

Playing out of assigned age group

Only under certain circumstances such as mental or physical disabilities or hardship cases, decsions will be determined by the MCOC Board
Jr Bandits 4-5 yr olds
Bandits 6-7 yr olds
Mustangs 8-9 yr olds
Colts 10-11 yr olds
Juniors 12-13 yr olds and 8th grade 14 year olds
High School Division
9th grade to 12th grade
GU11 8-10 yr olds
GU14 11-13 yr olds
GU18 14-17 yr olds

 Please note that all coaches are subject to a background check.


We are almost always in need of quality coaches. Head coaches are chosen based on the following priority:
  • MCOC Executive Board
  • Members MCOC members
  • Returning head coaches at that level
  • Returning head coaches at any level
  • Returning assistant coaches at that level
  • Returning assistant coaches at any level

Head coaches are free to choose up to 2 assistant coaches with whom they would like to coach. Coaches are also free to sign up as assistant coaches and they will likely be placed with a head coach (or sometimes even asked to be a head coach if head coaches are needed).

Skills Day

At Skills Day, all of the players will demonstrate his/her ability to dribble, shoot and rebound for all of the coaches. Even though each player has only about 2 minutes or so to demonstrate their abilities, it is a tremendous help to the coaches when it comes time for each coach to draft their team. Skills Day is simply our way of evaluating all of the players so that the teams can be chosen as evenly (skill-wise) as possible. At MCOC, we try very hard to prevent any one team from being appreciably stronger than the other teams. Skills Day is NOT a tryout and should not be viewed with the same anxiety as a tryout.Missing Skills Day is regrettable, but sometimes unavoidable. While it is critical for the coaches to see as many players as possible in order to level the teams as effectively as possible, sometimes players simply are not able to attend Skills Days. Players who miss Skills Day are placed onto a team at the draft.

Coaches will draft teams on the day of Skills Day (or, in rare instances, the day after Skills Day). Players and parents should expect to hear from a coach some time during the week after Skills Day.


Each team will have a one hour practice slot during the week and one game per week, on Saturday (possibly Friday nights for older groups). How long is the season? Teams will begin practices the first week of November, games will start the first week of December and will run until the end of February or first week of March.Coaches will draft teams immdiately following the Skills Day. Players and parents should expect to hear from a coach by the Sunday after their Skills Day.

Assigned practice night We realize that kids have other activities such as Scouts, church, school activities, other sports, etc… we allow you to indicate practice night bans, please only circle one night on the form. Here again, we are trying to balance teams.

Each player will play a minimum of one uninterrupted quarter and no player will play more than three quarters.

Jerseys and shorts will be provided by MCOC